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Stockbee: Good Trading Template Will Save You Years

In the last week, we have seen 11 companies with negative guidance, compared to 1 with positive guidance. 63 companies have issued negative guidance for Q1, compared to 11 with positive guidance. The combination of the negative divergence in these two indicators, the SP 1500 A-D and % SPX bullish, have signaled weakness in the past. For example, the chart below shows the % of boutiques near me s in the SPX with an RSI-5 above 70 (green line). Forget Bitcoin. These stocks can protect your portfolio from market crash. Based on the signals given by Fed officials so far, a June interest rate liftoff seems to be in the cards, but market expectations are that the Fed will not raise rates until late 2015 or perhaps 2016. Should Yellen “correct” market expectations in her Congressional testimony or if the markets get “corrected” it its perceptions when the FOMC minutes are released on Wednesday, it has the possibility to send stock and bond prices into a tailspin.


Get Report plans to raise at least $5 billion through the sale of a U.S. No! China can go to the EU to raise funds easily because its bonds are well received in the EU. The bonds will sell at a discount and rise in value until maturity. The Fed initiation of a tightening cycle will only add pressure for PE ratios to contract. The chart below shows that as the market advances in the face of falling EPS estimates, forward PE ratios have risen to levels not seen in the last 10 years. Historically, the Citigroup US Economic Surprise Index, which measures whether economic releases are beating or missing consensus estimates, has displayed a negative seasonal pattern every Spring. Without beating around the bush, Teva’s past couple of years haven’t been pretty. For the news media, presidential elections are like a Superbowl that’s only played every four years. If the Fed is not open to such a scenario, they risk tightening too aggressively and turning an expansion that should last at least four more years into one with only two left. A father who died of Covid despite shielding has left behind the ultimate legacy – six children who all work on the NHS front line.